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Hi, thanks for taking the time to browse around my site, I hope you liked it.

My name is David Mason, I have been involved with fireworks since I put on my first firework display way back in 1986 (half a lifetime ago)

Since then I became involved with a local display company here in England - Supreme Fireworks - and have lost count of how many displays I have been involved with in one way or another. Up until couple of years ago when I bought a digital camera I had never really thought much about photographing fireworks. There was a local show that I wasn't firing so I took along my camera and had a go. The results weren't bad, but I needed a lot more practice, and a better camera. I now have an Olympus c2100 which has the versatility of an SLR and the "I'll take it anyway, I can always delete it later" of a digital camera. It's still not perfect - but I am getting better with more practice.

This photo was taken a few weeks before our wedding & shows me with the 12" finale shell from our wedding display.
(Well, you can't be involved with fireworks for that long & not have a display for your wedding - can you?)

Us watching the fireworks at our wedding.

Picture copyright T.Joslin
To visit his wedding photography website Click Here

Our honeymoon.
We ended our honeymoon in Tacoma (Nr Seattle) over the 4th of July holiday as guests of Larry Mattingly & somehow ended up helping with the setup of a large barge display.
(I still don't know how I got away with it.)
Me, my wife - Shelley, & a 16" shell

Some more of the barge setup.

I'm sure Shelley is in there somewhere amongst the mortars.

Pictures Copyright David Mason 2001