Lots of small tubes bundled & fused together, sometimes looks like a cake - hence the name. Can contain almost any type of effect. The larger display sized ones are more usually called cases, but are still made the same way.
Crossette (also known as - splitting comet)
Starts as a single star then splits into (usually) 4 stars
In simple terms - The bit you light.
Comes in many types, some fast, some slow. Most are made using black powder (gunpowder) in one form or another.
Maroon, report or air bomb - they're all the same thing
Similar to a shell but explodes in the mortar to give an instant spray of stars / effects
The tubes used to fire shells & mines. Can be made of cardboard, steel, plastic or fibreglass and come in the same range of sizes as shells
A rocket motor fixed to a stabilising stick with a payload that can be similar to a small shell
Roman Candles
A single, long tube which fires multiple shots. Can fire anything from single stars to mini shells
Set Pieces
A framework of fireworks fixed to the ground. Can range from a simple shape created with fixed gerbs (fountains) or lancework (Good Night) through rotating wheels to the incredible contraptions, the Irdieden, that would put any Heath Robinson machine to shame.
Can range from 2" to 24" (& above if you are mad enough) Come as round or cylinder and can be single or multiple breaks
The burning bits that everyone watches as they go "ooh, aah" - come in many different colours & effects.