Firework related links
Not really pyro, but they are hosting this site for me at a very reasonable price & it is a very good product for web designers.... So take a look, pleeease ;-) Supreme fireworks - a great UK display company. (Sorry but once again I'm biased on this one) Entertainment Fireworks - My friends in the Pacific NW

Toni Busuttil's Irdieden website Pyrotechnics Guild International Inc Some more firework photos + others from around the USA Great pictures of fireworks - in the sky & behind the scenes. (In French) Eddie Dubourg's homepage - never been to Scotland? Eddie will show you some of what you've missed.
Digital Camera resource page - some great photo's sent in by readers. Another site with lots of great firework photo's from around the world. A good site. This page has an article on how to take firework photographs. Site by Jürgen Köhler - good firework photo's.
In German. Professional photographers of firework displays.
In German & English Derby (UK) based fireworks company Good firework photo site Just about anything to do with fireworks! U.S. Firework retailer