Pictures from other people
If you have any photo's of fireworks that you would like to share with the rest of the world, then please send them to us here including any details you have for them, such as where, when & what and we'll add them to the site.
Full credit & copyright notices will be given, plus a link to your own site if you have one.

July 4th 2001 display in Seattle

Narciso Jaramillo

Pictures from various displays in the San Diego area

Thad V'Soske

July 4th 2000 display in
San Francisco

By Jeff Keller of the
Digital Camera Resource Page

Gifu Hanabi
Japan - 1999

Allan wong

A selection of pictures from displays in the NY area

Mike Roberto

Some pictures I found at
Jim Fortier
PGI 2001 & 2002

Some pictures from the 2003 National Fireworks Competition
Plymouth UK.

Mark Andrews




Photo's from Jim Widmann
One of Jim Widmann's all-star shells shot at PGI in1999
The building implosion is the Days Inn in Bridgeport CT. CDI did the implosion and Jim Widmann and some members of the CPA did the special effects.