Pictures from
The 2002
British Firework Championship
Plymouth, England



Competition Results.

1st - Shellscape
2nd - Frontier Fireworks
3rd - The World Famous

Day 1

Very little wind so the smoke built up very quickly & drifted towards the main viewing area.
Luckily I was off to one side where it was not so bad .

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1 - Rocket
2 - Highlight
3 - Frontier

Day 2

Very low cloud & a bit misty - some of the 6" & 8" shells managed to poke out below the cloud
but the bigger ones all but disappeared in the clouds, same wind as day 1 so we went to watch
from the opposite side & got some nice clear (for the conditions) pictures.

4 - The World
5 - Shellscape

6 - Euphoria

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